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McMinnville Love Locks

McMinnville Love Locks is a dedicated art structure to hold padlocks as an expression of your love to your sweetheart, companion, partner, pet or in memory of. This idea is similar to a love lock bridge in Paris! When you toss the key, into the keyhole, you are acknowledging the unbreakable bond of your love. No one knows for certain when or why this tradition started but it is believed to be over 100 years old. The reason locks have appeared at different locations around the world, varies by location. Here in McMinnville we are united together by LOVE for each other, for our community and for the world! This location is different than other love lock locations, where locks are being removed from bridges, here your lock and love will remain FOREVER!

This designated art piece is located in the Granary District 755 NE Alpine Ave. in McMinnville, Oregon, in front of the Grain Station Brew Works restaurant.  

McMinnville Grad Night Fundraiser Event 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 8am to 1pm, the Grad Night Committee will be selling donuts and Flag & Wire Coffee with all profits going directly to the Class of 2018! McMinnville Love Locks products and The World is My Oyster Jewelry will be on sale at this event and will benefit the 2018 Graduates! 

McMinnville Love Locks products are available at Copy Cats and Oregon Stationers with the option to engrave your personal message! Other items & locks are available at New to You and McMinnville Antiques Mall.

Timmreck & McNicol Jewelers is offering engraving where all the proceeds go directly to MHS Grad Night (pay with cash or check).

Businesses supporting businesses supporting Grad Night!

Est. 2016 by Jessica, Ray, Owen and Alan Binkerd