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About Us

Love Lock FamilyMcMinnville Love Locks art structure is an interactive piece of art where you can place a love lock (padlock) as an expression of your love to your sweetheart, companion, partner or pet. In other cities around the world, people are upset because locks are being removed, here your lock will remain FOREVER! This interactive piece of art is meant to bring people together and spark conversations or private messages (engraved tags) while supporting McMinnville High School Grad Night (percentage of the sales goes directly to the First Federal Grad Night Account). Don’t forget to toss your key, into the keyhole, to acknowledge the unbreakable bond of your love. No one knows for certain when or why this tradition started but it is believed to be over 100 years old. The reason locks have appeared at different locations around the world, varies by location. Here in McMinnville we are united together by LOVE for each other, for our community and for the world.

Est. 2016 by Jessica, Ray, Owen, and Alan Binkerd